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Who I am

Maua Design, contemporary jewel.

My name is Florinda.
My passion for contemporary jewelry starts in a trip to South Africa with a friend of mine.
Thanks to her I discovered that I had a hidden capability not yet explored.

Until 2005 I had never seen, even imagined what my future might be, I was coming from International Cooperation and always worked in areas not really artistic.
And here is a journey that opens my mind and directs me to a new profession.
I like to travel, I lived in several countries such as Albania, Tanzania, Uganda, Argentina ... now I live in Egypt and through the most diverse stones and materials I can tell my life, my discoveries and the places where I live and I lived.
Every jewel of mauadesign line is therefore considered a small journey to wear, the expression of me.

I graduated in Gemology at the Gemological Institute of America (Florence, Carlsbad and London).
I have studied goldsmith and wax technique at the Arts Academy in Rome and at the MMPascual School in Mendoza (Argentina). I graduated in Swahili, Maua is in fact my name in Swahili, it is actually what my Tanzanian friends call me!