My packaging inspired by TRAVEL

My packaging inspired by TRAVELMy packaging inspired by TRAVEL

Traveling with MAUA Design.

The gold-coloured and padded envelopes resemble those for shipping, they have the MAUA Design logo and above all they have an internal band where I have written a phrase inspired by travel , a physical journey, an inner journey, a fantastic journey, a desire.

The color of the handle is dark green .

The boxes are dark green and the shopper is gold with a green handle.

Dark green is the color that reminds me of the baroque curtains of the noble palaces of the 18th century, I would love to live in that era!

I hope you like it.

A thought behind every collection

BAROQUE collection

BAROQUE collection

The Baroque collection is inspired by the distinctive form of architecture that evolved on the island of Sicily, in the 17th and 18th centuries. The Sicilian Baroque style came to fruition in the late 1600s. Its particular interpretation, by Sicilian architects, led to a further evolution towards a personalized and highly localized art form on the island.

It is thanks to a rich and often extravagant aristocracy that we maintain these fabulous monuments to this day. Specifically, my passion for Sicilian baroque balconies has translated into this very contemporary collection, but at the same time based on intertwined lines that remind me of this era.

CRATERI collection

CRATERI collection

The Crateri collection is inspired by the Etna volcano . Its colors represent the colors of the craters of volcanoes in the world which, if full of water , reflect the blue of the sky , if instead they are bathed in lava they are black or bright red like fire, green if instead after hundreds of years nature has taken over.

Our volcano is alive, it is an exhibitionist. He is there, we love him, we hate him, we look at him, we fear him, he surprises us.

But the volcanic lakes of East Africa (where I lived for 11 years) also inspired this colorful collection.

DROPS OF MEMORY collection

DROPS OF MEMORY collection

Memories are the innermost treasures that we keep locked away deep in the vault of our souls to keep our hearts warm when we are alone.

In every jewel there is a lived memory that you will keep among the pages of your life.

The surface of these pieces is covered with droplets (memory drops) which represent our precious memories one by one.

We are drops of a past that can no longer return...


BAHARY collection

BAHARY collection

Bahary , from Arabic, bahr mare , is the name of my most artistic collection.

The memory of the fishermen and the sale of fish at auction is always present for me. During my childhood, every day at 3 in the afternoon, the scene was always the same: the boats arrived, the children jumped on them and the screams of the fishermen had a wonderful language. The fish unloaded from the boats was the most awaited event of the day.

The sea also outlines the border of my island with the rest of Italy, and therefore the sense of isolation and distance from everything. But it also represents a sense of protection , as if the water were a wall behind which to shelter from dangers.

However, the sea also gave life to my strong imagination of what lay beyond. In front of my window is Africa , Libya to be precise. The imagination of Libya fuels my fervent curiosity to learn about different cultures.

The sea represents for me both solitude and company with the unknown part of myself . It represents the mirror in which the difficulties in dealing with certain internal emotions, with an emotional discomfort or a conflict that needs clarification are reflected. Furthermore, the sea induces us to a state of grace , abstracting ourselves and looking at it from afar can make us more aware of our lives.

MEN'S collection

MEN'S collection

Man also wants his share. This collection is suitable for the slightly rock man , as I like it!

MORE... collection

MORE... collection

More… means more, more, moreover … all synonyms that light up inside me when I think of a new idea.

Not every piece becomes a collection, but many of them have been very successful over the years.