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  • Barocco - La collezione di gioielli dedicata al barocco siciliano


    The jewelery collection dedicated to Sicilian baroque

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  • Il cratere di un vulcano ha molti colori, tutti racchiusi nei miei gioielli


    The crater of a volcano has many colors, all contained in my jewels

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  • Under the water

    An encounter under water, between pearls and corals. The classicism of pearls and corals on contemporary settings. Check it out now!

  • In ogni gioiello c’è un ricordo vissuto che custodirai tra le pagine della tua vita.

    Drops of memory

    In every jewel there is a lived memory that you will keep among the pages of your life.

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  • La collezione More... racchiude tanti gioielli diversi, alcuni dei quali sono diventati iconici come l'anello


    The More... collection contains many different jewels, some of which have become iconic such as the "triptych" ring.

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  • La collezione di gioielli per l'uomo un po' rock, come piace a me!


    The jewelery collection for the slightly rock man, just how I like it!

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  • Design your jewel

    Your idea becomes reality, your tailor-made jewel

Traveling with MAUA Design - The jewel that dresses you

With my personalized and handmade jewels I want to take you with me on a journey through the countries where I have lived.

My jewels, all handmade, are the result of the memories of my experiences that have contributed to configuring my identity and creating my contemporary and artistic jewellery. They arise from a fusion between what my eye perceived during my stays abroad and my indelible origins: a beautiful Mediterranean island, Sicily , where in the past different cultures and peoples have given this land a very rich multicultural identity .

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