Design your own jewel

Your unique jewel sewn to you

Are you tired of being satisfied with what you see around? You have seen many jewels but you have one in mind and would like to make it.

Maybe you've already asked some of my colleagues and they said they can't do it.

Well, you are on the right page. I can create the jewel of your dreams, personalized and handmade just for you.

You can choose from the many stones I have in stock or bring your own. I am an expert gemologist, so I will be able to advise you on the ones best suited to you and your style.

I can make your jewel in any material, gold, silver, bronze, wood, nickel silver....

Send me an email and I will be happy to listen to your wishes.

Your wish is important and I guarantee you all my seriousness and competence.

Contact me immediately at for an initial free consultation, I am ready to listen to ALL your needs.

I'm sure that together with me you will be able to create the jewel of your dreams... I promise.

Dalia's idea

This is a handmade and custom made ring for Dalia. She had a desire to have a large rose gold ring. Among the many stones that I showed her, she rightly chose this beautiful ametrine. A beautiful stone half citrine (intense yellow) and half amethyst (intense purple).
The tennis bracelet was also made by me with the best quality diamonds at a competitive price.

Amazing both!

The Pyramids in the background of the photo are also equally wonderful. In fact, she lives in Cairo.


Chiara's idea

Chiara wanted to give her husband a special gift for his 50th birthday. She was thinking of making twins with her zodiac sign, but she couldn't find anything in the shops that she really liked. The cufflinks have the zodiac sign on one side and the date of birth on the other, made of white gold.